About us

BPO House is a boutique consulting company focused on providing consulting services that increase client productivity using information technology. We provide specialized services covering the following areas of companies’ economic activities in an interdisciplinary manner:

  1. Accounting and financial management,
  2. Production and logistics management,
  3. Implementation of complex IT projects involving the implementation of management support systems,
  4. Increasing efficiency by implementing digital transformation using artificial intelligence.

We are distinguished by personalized attention to the problems we solve and close cooperation with the client. Our business experience allows us to maintain direct relationships with our clients, ensuring a deep understanding of their unique needs and challenges. This high level of commitment guarantees that clients receive the highest attention and support from the consulting team, which results in measurable results and care for their interests in the long run. We have deep industry knowledge and experience that helps us better understand the subtleties of the challenges companies face in times of digital transformation and the artificial intelligence revolution. Each of our experienced team members with diverse skills has a proven track record of delivering tangible results to their clients, helping to synergistically deliver value to clients.

Benefits of cooperation with BPO House:

About us
About us
  • Cost reduction in the delivery of financial, accounting as well as HR and payroll services
  • The company’s focus on developing its core business and competence
  • Optimization of expenses for administration services and training
  • Simplification of administrative procedures and amount of paper documents in the office
  • Reducing the costs of maintaining the job positions of people dealing with accounting, human resources, and pay specialist
  • Reduction of expenditure on training and the purchase of financial and accounting literature and specialized software
  • Protection against the negative consequences of staff absence – the continuity of services provided by BPO House


Our employees are a team of highly qualified professionals who are experts in the fields of accounting, human resources and payroll, business processes and modern information technologies. Their conscientious work and professionalism is the key to the delivery of services to our clients.


We value innovation and all useful IT novelties. We successfully use them in our daily work for the development of our clients’ business. We focus on providing the highest quality services. Our clients’ testimonials confirm this.