HR and payroll services

It’s people who create a real competitive advantage. Our mission is to provide you services tailored to the individual needs of your enterprise, guaranteeing the security of personal data. We offer support in choosing the correct working time system, we also advise on matters related to the optimization of payroll systems.

HR and payroll

As part of HR services, we offer: 

  • Comprehensive HR administration
  • Keeping personal files
  • Referring employees to medical examinations and examinations related to health and safety regulations required by labor law
  • Registration and updating of employee data in Social Security portal

As part of payroll services we offer: 

  • Calculation of employee remuneration for various types of employment, including calculations for foreigners
  • Preparation of settlements as well as declarations and reports for Social Security, Tax office, CSO, State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled according to the requirements of Polish law
  • Making appropriate transfers on behalf of the Customer based on the granted authorization
  • Preparation of employee certificates for credits, loans and social purposes, etc.
  • Preparation of reports for accounting and management purposes
  • Assistance during audits
  • Preparation of automated files with payroll data to be uploaded into Customer’s accounting systems, including division into various projects/cost centers
  • Operating the Social Security PUE portal
  • Representation in front of the authorities and support during fiscal control, control of the National Labor Inspectorate or Social Security
  • Preparation of payroll instructions regarding net salaries, social security and income tax

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